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Notice the only full traffic light in Merrickville/ Wolford Township.

Personalized Automotive Services.

Just a short drive in the country! Only 7 minutes from Merrickville.

Here at Allan's Tool Shed we don't keep secrets from our clients. We are happy to go on road tests with you and talk about your concerns. We will do our best to find problems as you describe them if you are not available to go on road tests with us.  Keeping up with the newest technology is very important to us, as we are continually taking courses to work on the newest vehicles. We love to educate, we take pride in explaining to our clients what broke, why it broke and what has to be done to correct it. 

When weather permits, we are very happy to let you enjoy the comforts of our verandah when waiting for your vehicle.  Vehicles may be dropped off or we will pick up and deliver if you do not have a ride. 

Reliable * Guaranteed Parts and Service

We service new vehicles

Factory maintinence schedules can be followed.

Do you have a new car or thinking of getting one? No problem, we can keep up on service bulletins for your NEW vehicles and provide scheduled maintenance for your budgeting and warranty needs.

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