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We realize our clients have places to be.

We will gladly shuttle clients home, to work or where ever they want to go (within reason).  But, we are more than happy to pick up your vehicle if you cannot drop it off.  

Here are the highlights of what we do:

· Alignments (computerized 4 wheel align)

· Brakes, ABS & Conventional

· Computer Diagnostics (Service engine lights)

· Digital Photos taken of your faulty parts (printed out or e-mailed)

· Driveability (Stalling, hard starts, rough idles, etc.)

· Electrical

· Exhaust Systems

· Lubrication & Oil Changes

· Manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance.

· Suspension & Steering

· Tire Sales (Install & balance)

· Transmission servicing

· Tune-ups

· Used car pre-purchase inspections.

· Vehicle Safety & Annual Inspections.

Being a Napa Autocare Centre we’ve got you covered with the Peace of Mind Warranty.

We want you to know that we stand firmly behind the work that we do

– our reputation depends on it. 

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