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Some things that may help you.

Do you have any of the following lights showing on your dash???

Oil pressure warning light means check your oil level immediately. Top up if needed – otherwise either your car has no oil pressure or thinks it doesn’t. Get it checked sooner rather than later. No oil pressure = Bad news for your engine.

Temperature warning light red, tells you your car is overheating or thinks it is. Pull over as soon as safe and shut engine off before it shuts itself off. It’s time to get help.

Blue light indicates engine is still warming up – most commonly on European cars.

Low tire pressure Because tire inflation plays a big part in driving safety and long tire life, be car care aware! Tires lose about one pound of pressure for every 12C drop in air temperature. So if you last checked inflation in 24 degree C. weather, and it's now around 1 degrees C, your tires may be four pounds under-inflated. This affects fuel economy and safe handling. 

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