Allan's Tool Shed

Automotive and Light Truck Repairs

Our Story

              Allan’s Tool Shed started out as just that in 1992.  We needed a new building to replace an old driveshed and it turned into a 2 bay garage with storage up top. 

              In 1993 we started a part-time business in the evening while Allan worked full time for Chrysler dealerships, part time got too busy, so one job had to go.  Bye-bye dealership – hello Allan’s Tool Shed.

              We are members of the NAPA AUTOCARE team and take many courses to stay on top of new technology.  Each year finds us buying another few pieces of equipment to service your vehicles better. 

Our oldest son Nicholas joined us in 2002 and with his keen interest, he is a great asset to our shop.  He is also a member of the Merrickville Volunteer Fire Department so don’t be surprised to see him at all kinds of things. 

We are very proud to support the Grenville County 4-H clubs, Merrickville Firefighters Association and the Grenville County Plowmen’s Association. 


An Idea is Born

With his Interprovincial License and over 40 years as an automotive technician, Allan has seen many changes and problems with vehicles.  Never one to sit back, he is always taking courses to keep on top of the newest technology.  


Our First Employee

Marcia is a partner in the business and office manager, handling the day to day business operations, accounting and advertising. Give her a call for all your appointment needs and she will even chauffer you to home or work if needed. 


Next Generation

After following in his Dad’s shadow for many years, Nicholas is fully qualified with his Interprovincial License and proving he really knows his stuff.  He is always taking courses to keep up with what’s new.  Some of you might even find his son and daughter at the shop now on occasion.


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